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Yucatan and Mayan Mexico

Nick Rider

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25th September 2009
520 pages - 210 x 140 xmm
Features of this work include: dynamic new two-colour layout for easy navigation; new magazine style, combining stunning photography, tailored itineraries and a personal take on the country; clear, newly designed two-colour maps throughout for increased ease of use; the only guides with full-colour touring maps of the whole region; extensive listings of hotels and restaurants - all personally recommended for a really local flavour; and, Top Don't Miss sights for each regional chapter, plus Author Choices of personal favourite places to stay and eat. Whatever first draws you to the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico - be it ancient Mayan temples, white Caribbean beaches, vibrant handicrafts, elusive wildlife or fiery food - you are sure to be delighted by the wealth of opportunities on offer. Chill out in a hammock in Tulum, take a jungle adventure tour, visit myriad archaeological sited from Chichen Itza to Palenque, enjoy colonial architecture in Merida or Campeche, dive into a cenote (sinkhole) or snorkel over a coral reef. This guide goes far beyond the tourist trail to provide a deep insight into the region and its people, past and present.
1) Introduction; 2) The Maya; 3) History: Conquest and After; 4) Topics; 5) Food and Drink; 6) Planning Your Trip; 7) Practical A-Z; 8) Cancun, the Islands and 'Riviera Maya'; 9) Yucatan State; 10) Southern Quintana Roo and Rio Bec; 11) Campeche State; 12) Tabasco; 13) Chiapas; 14) Language; 15) Glossary; 16) Further Reading; 17) Index.
Nick Rider was born in Coventry, England, where there are no pyramids, although there may be portals to the Otherworld that no one has quite noticed yet... He lived in Spain for several years and wrote a PhD on Spanish History before first travelling in Mexico.

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