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You Total Banker!: Getting Even with the Bastards Who Started the Credit Crunch

Aled Lewis

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25th September 2009
96 pages - 184 x 136 xmm
For anyone who's lost his or her job, watched savings disappear or just had enough of listening to people blathering on about the credit crunch, here's the ultimate revenge guide. You Total Banker! is a collection of cartoons suggesting various ways of getting back at the greedy bastards who got us into this financial mess, whether it be changing the personalized license plate on a banker's Lotus to 'I H8 J5U5' before his driving holiday in Bible Belt America, swapping the cigar at his swanky bonus lunch for a stick of dynamite or kindly offering him the outdoor 'executive seat' on a safari holiday. For anyone who's watched in frustration as another greedy banker pockets a huge pay-off for their incompetence, this gruesome, inventive and witty collection of cartoons is for you!
Aled Lewis is a designer and illustrator based in London, whose imaginative and outlandish designs feature on T-shirts and in books and magazines.

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