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Would You Eat Your Cat?: Key Ethical Conundrums, and What They Tell You About Yourself

Jeremy Stangroom

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25th April 2010
144 pages - 197 x 140 xmm
Philosophers have been devising conundrums and thought experiments to stretch the mind for more than two millennia. They are motivated by the idea that the way we try to solve such things tells us something about ourselves and how we see the world. Reflecting carefully upon a particular moral dilemma provides an insight into our overall views on morality and can affect the way we see real-world controversies. For example, if David and John both drink drive and John runs over a child, should they both be in prison? What do our answers tell us about personal responsibility and justifications for punishment? "Would You Eat Your Cat?" examines some of the classic conundrums and thought experiments that philosophers throughout history have devised to challenge their preconceptions. Clear and witty, each serves as an introduction to key concepts in philosophy, ethics and metaphysics. Designed to challenge your preconceptions, uncover your deeply held beliefs and tell you something about yourself and how you see the world, the book also includes 'morality barometers' and an ethics quiz to help you discover which schools of thought you are most closely aligned with.
Jeremy Stangroom has a PhD from the London School of Economics. He is currently the New Media editor of The Philosophers' Magazine, which he founded with Julian Baggini in 1997. He is the author/editor of numerous books, including Einstein's Riddle, The Little Book of Big Ideas: Philosophy and The Little Book of Big Ideas: Religion. He is also Series Editor, with James Garvey, of Continuum Books' series on Contemporary Social Issues. Stangroom is an elected fellow of the Committee for the Scientific Examination of Religion.

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