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What We French Think of You British - and Where You are Going Wrong

Marcel Lucont

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5th July 2011
144 pages - 222 x 143 xmm
Marcel Lucont, France's premier misanthropist and lover, introduces the reader to the British character as seen through the eyes of the French. From food and weather to television and pets, he shares his disdainful opinion on all things British and offers advice on just why the French do it so much better. The book features: "Dans La Rue", an eye-spy parody set on the British high street; "Tits of the Brits", a poem concerning the large British bust vs the petite French cup; "Stolen French", a guide to words the British have stolen from the French; "The British Joke", Marcel's take on British humour; and, "The Monarchy", including why the French got rid of theirs.
Marcel Lucont describes himself as a flaneur, raconteur and bon-viveur. He has attracted a cult following on the international comedy scene with his trademark sardonic musings, his sharp wit and his louche poetry. Winner of the Buxton Fringe Award 2009 for Best Comedy Individual and the Three Weeks Editors' Choice Award at Edinburgh 2008, he is easily the best French comedian on the comedy circuit today. Just ask him. He currently resides in London for as long as he can put up with your moaning. www.myspace.com/marcellucont

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