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Walking London's Statues and Monuments

Rupert Hill

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25th March 2010
160 pages - 210 x 148 xmm
This is a captivating addition to New Holland's London walks list, focusing on important, memorable or beautiful statues, sculptures and monuments around London. The 13 walks featured take around one to two hours to complete and each take in between 20 and 40 works. The reader is given all the relevant information about both the walk and the work of art, which include themes such as historical, armed forces, theatre and all current sculpture in London from Hyde Park to Greenwich, including Canary Wharf (with a view to the 2012 Olympics). The book is elegantly illustrated with artworks of the statues drawn in pen and ink with a colour wash. With classical and modern sculptures to visit, the book provides a fascinating overview of the people and events the capital has chosen to commemorate and the way different artists have undertaken their commissions.
Rupert Hill is a practising solicitor and amateur historian who has long been fascinated by the wealth and diversity of London's public art.

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