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Vienna Prague Budapest

Sadakat Kadri, Matthew Gardner

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5th September 2011
224 pages - 140 x 210 x 16mm
This title features dynamic two-colour layout for easy navigation. It contains brand new colour section that gives a photographic overview of the region, together with special features of the region, tailored itineraries and lists of the best things to do. It includes full-colour touring maps of the whole region. It offers extensive listings of hotels and restaurants - all personally recommended for a really local flavour. It provides 'Top Don't Miss' sights for each regional chapter, plus 'Author Choices' of personal favourite places to stay and eat. It explores these three fairytale capitals, peppered with domes and spiked with spires. Vienna, Prague and Budapest have lived through tumultuous histories but thrive today at the heart of modern Europe. This title examines Art Nouveau art and architecture in Vienna, soaring Gothic churches in Prague and Budapest's stately boulevards and vistas. It details 16th-century Turkish baths in Budapest, the opera in Vienna, and the romantic gardens of Prague's Mala Strana.It also offers detailed coverage of the best places to eat and sleep including a Viennese aristocratic palace adorned with crystal and velvet, and the atmospheric beer halls of Prague.
1) Introduction; 2) History; 3) Art and Architecture; 4) Topics; 5) Food and Drink; 6) Planning Your Trip; 7) Practical A-Z.
Mary-Ann Gallager (Vienna) has written over a dozen Cadogan guides and is an expert on everything Viennese. Sadakat Kadri (Prague) is a practising London barrister and New York attorney who has been a regular visitor to Prague for over 20 years. He is a former winner of the Spectator prize for travel writing. Matthew Gardner (Budapest) is a travel writer and Hungarian specialist.

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