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Uncovering Jack the Ripper's London

Richard Jones

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5th November 2013
128 pages - 250 x 215 xmm
The crimes of Jack the Ripper have gone down in history as some of the most brutal and violent ever committed. These horrendous acts of serial murder confounded the police at the time, and the mystery of the Ripper's identity remains unsolved to this day. In addition to the sense of fear and panic the murders brought to the London streets of the late 1880s, they also shed a harsh light on the impoverished and dangerous conditions of the East End and brought numerous tensions to boiling point. In this new edition, the book examines the wider context of the murders, taking into account the social conditions against which they were committed, the animosity between police and press, the instances of anti-Semitism and the physical geography of the area now and then. Providing detailed analysis of the attacks and the investigation, the book also considers acts committed before and after that could also have been the work of the same person. Featuring previously unpublished documents and photographs, this book is a must for all Jack the Ripper enthusiasts. It is perfect for all those Ripperologists out there or those with an interest in area of True Crime or Victorian history.It is also the perfect book for any of the many thousands of people who visit the scene of the crime on organised walks each year.
Owner of the London tour company 'Discovery Walks', Richard Jones is one of the UK's foremost authorities on Jack the Ripper. He is also the author of various other highly successful New Holland titles, including the best- selling Haunted Britain and Ireland and Walking Haunted London. He lives in South Woodford, East London.

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