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Trekking and Climbing in the Andes

Kate Harper, Val Pitkethly

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31st October 2008
192 pages - 242 x 166 xmm
This stunning guidebook, covering 26 treks and 18 climbing peaks, is an indispensable tool for both the experienced climber and the first-time trekker visiting the Andes - one of the world's greatest, yet least known, trekking destinations.Covering the range from Venezuela in the north to Patagonia in the south, the book offers clear, authoritative descriptions of treks - some short, two-day-hikes and other, more strenuous two-week treks. The guide is also crammed with practical information on travel, techniques and equipment, so visitors will have as safe and healthy a tour as possible.Top-class cartography and strip maps pinpoint every route and give a reliable idea of distance and timings. The book is further enhanced by more than 100 fantastic photographs. Fully updated for its second edition, the book also features an eye-catching new cover.
Val Pitkethly has been leading treks in the Andes for many years. She is based in Canada, but also leads treks in Nepal and Europe. Kate Harper is an experienced mountain guide who has trekked all over South America. Based in the English Lake District, she divides her time between trekking and local community work. Consultant Victor Saunders is an internationally respected climber, qualified alpine guide and previous winner of the Boardman - Tasker prize. He lives in France.

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