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The Really, Really, Really Easy Step-by-step Guide to Creating Your Family Tree Using Your Computer

Gavin Hoole, Cheryl Smith

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25th April 2008
80 pages - 280 x 215 xmm
The trend for researching family history and tracing ancestral roots back into the past is currently huge and is expanding all the time all over the world.This book takes the reader, step-by-very-easy-step, through the stages in using a computer for this specific purpose. Anyone beginning to investigate their genealogy will learn where to start this journey of discovery, how to record the information unearthed, how to download and use free forms, charts and genealogy computer software to keep the process simple, as well as ways of searching Internet resources and exchanging information online.No prior knowledge of the subject is assumed and the learning process is made highly effective by the use of screenshots from the relevant programs, so that the readers can match what they see in the book to what they see on their computer screens, in addition to full-colour photographs and to-do action panels.If you are creating a family tree from scratch or want to convert an old one to an easily updated computer one, this book will guide you smoothly through the process.
Gavin Hoole is a successful author and experienced trainer and management consultant. He is the author and co-author of several books, including The Really, Really, Really Easy Step-by-Step Computer Books and Really, Really, Really Easy Digital Photography (also published by New Holland) with Cheryl Smith. Cheryl is an experienced web master and graphic artist.

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