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Specialist Series

The Propagation Specialist

David Squire, Gill Bridgewater, Alan Bridgewater

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1st February 2007
80 pages - 238 x 183 xmm
Specialist Series
Buying individual plants can be expensive, so many people attempt to raise their own, both to save money and for the incredible satisfaction the whole process brings. "The Propagation Specialist" covers every aspect of the art of propagation, from the philosophy behind creating plants, to the easiest ones to grow and the best materials and equipment to have to hand. In-depth explanations of the various propagation methods - including seeds and cuttings, division and layering, and budding and grafting - are included, as well as an at-a-glance A-Z listing of ideal propagation plants for the home, garden and allotment. Pitched at both novice and experienced gardeners, this book will prove to be a valuable reference resource time and again.
Alan and Gill Bridgewater have gained an international reputation as producers of gardening and DIY books on a range of subjects, including ponds and patios, stone and brickwork, decks and decking, and garden design. They have written a wide range of highly successful books and contributed to several international magazines. They live in Battle, East Sussex.

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