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Specialist Series

The Orchid Specialist

David Squire

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1st February 2005
80 pages - 238 x 183 xmm
Specialist Series
The orchid family is made up of some 750 genera, nearly 20,000 species and many thousands more hybrids. Their exotic blooms and intriguing growing habits make them very appealing - both to the plant enthusiast and to those who simply want them as an ornament in the home or garden. This book will satisfy the needs of anyone who is interested in orchids, whatever their reason for wanting to grow them. After the introductory section which explains the basics of the different types, the structure of the flower and the anatomy of the plant, there are detailed sections on growing and displaying different types of indoor orchids and greenhouse orchids as well as information on watering, feeding, repotting, pests and diseases. Orchids have a certain reputation of being very hard to grow, particularly in cooler climates, but this book guides you to the right orchid to choose and provides all of the necessary care information so that the plant will flourish whatever the climate.
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