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The London Cycling Guide

Tom Bogdanowicz, London Cycling Campaign

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20th December 2010
232 pages - 108 x 128 x 16mm
This best selling guide to cycling in London is updated for a second edition to include full details of the Barclays/TfL London Cycle Hire Scheme. "The London Cycling Guide" is the ultimate guide for London cyclists. There are 30 leisurely routes covering both inner and outer London. Each is described in detail with a series of points of interest also pinpointed on an accompanying route map. Boxed information with each route shows at-a-glance the start point, likely duration and some suggestions for where to eat and drink along the way. The book also covers important practical information on cycling, such as choosing the right bike for your style of cycling; tips on urban cycling, social cycling and cycling with children; and, guidance on security and insurance as well as information on accessories and clothing. There is a brand new chapter that gives full details on the new London Cycle Hire scheme.
Tom Bogdanowicz is Campaigns Manager of the London Cycling Campaign. He is a highly experienced journalist and former CNN correspondent. He has written cycling articles for national newspapers such as the New Statesman, Guardian, and Financial Times. The London Cycling Campaign is the largest urban cycling organisation in the world. It has 10,000 members and receives 250,000 unique website hits per year.

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