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The Illustrated Book of Houseplants

Nancy Gardiner

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1st December 1998
112 pages - 290 x 225 xmm
Introduce radiant color, intoxicating fragrance, and a serene atmosphere into every room with house plants from all over the world. A best-selling gardening author shares her most practical tips and imaginative ideas in a photo-filled celebration. There's something for the sunny and shady sides of your house, and you get expert advice on over 100 of the hardiest and most popular possibilities, including forest ferns, desert cacti, jungle violets, and island palms, from every climate all over the world. Every aspect of care is covered, from air, light, and temperature, to watering, feeding, and potting, to controlling pests and diseases. Transform any space, with window boxes, hanging baskets, floor displays, fireplace plants-- even tiny magnet-attached plants for your refrigerator door.

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