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Fishy Fishy Cookbook

James Ginzler, Loz Talent, Dermot O'Leary

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5th July 2011
192 pages -
Fishy Fishy is a relaxed, informal seafood brasserie in Brighton that was the brainchild of three close friends: James Ginzler, Dermot O'Leary and Paul Shovlin. They share a passion for good food, but more importantly food that has been locally sourced and is in season. They work closely with suppliers to make sure the fish they serve is caught in the least wasteful way which can mean line-caught fish, pot-caught seafood or fish caught in gill nets with big holes in them so they only catch the larger fish and let the small ones through. They only serve fish and seafood when it is in season - that's why there's no cod on the menu in the summer or lobster in the winter. All their passion and expertise is contained in this lovely new cookbook which has over 90 recipes, as well as fascinating fish facts and plenty of advice on how to prepare and cook fish. With chapters on Starters, Barbecue & Alfresco Eating, Everyday Fish & Shellfish, Special Occasions, Sauces, Side Dishes & Desserts, there is plenty of inspiration for cooks of all levels.More than just a restaurant cookbook, this is a wonderful collection of recipes as well as a timely look at the ways we should be sourcing and eating fish.
Dermot O'Leary, radio and TV presenter, is best known as the X Factor frontman. He lives in Brighton and along with friends James and Paul is passionate about fish and seafood. Opening a restaurant was a long-held dream that has finally come to fruition and Fishy Fishy now has an established following and is regularly booked up in advance. They have just opened a second restaurant in Poole. This is their first book.

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