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The Environment Equation

Alex Shimo-Barry

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25th December 2008
144 pages - 178 x 140 xmm
Can one person - you - really make a difference to the environment? Yes, if you know how. "The Environment Equation" shows you everything you need to know about making a positive or negative contribution to the planet through your carbon footprint.For example if you take shorter showers you can minus 155 kg from your carbon footprint. But if you forget to defrost your freezer add 90 kg; join a car pool and minus 730 kg per year but use a lawnmower and add 35.Both addictive and fun, "The Environment Equation" will also, more importantly, inspire you to make a difference. By adding and subtracting your way through the book you can see just how big your carbon footprint is, and how a few changes can make a real difference. With the help of the 100 factors featured in this book you can start playing an important role in saving our world.See in the same series: "The Long Life Equation".
Alex Shimo-Barry writes on the environment, health and cultural trends for such publications as the Independent, Macleans and the Globe and Mail.

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