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The Easy Fruit Garden

Clare Matthews

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1st February 2012
224 pages - 245 x 190 xmm
As food prices rise and awareness of food provenance and chemical usage increases, more and more people are becoming interested in growing their own food. However getting started can seem daunting, and many are deterred by a lack of knowledge and time. This book sets out to overcome these problems. With clear practical instructions and inspirational pictures, Clare Matthews demystifies the growing of fruit and shows that with the right approach, it can be done successfully as a weekend project or slotted into a busy week. The book explains simple short cuts, unusual low maintenance strategies and promotes a relaxed, robust attitude to growing-your-own, which really works. The book has been shot by the well-respected garden photographer Clive Nichols in the author's own weekend fruit garden, where the principles promoted in this book have been tried, tested and proven. Filled with fantastic images and sound horticultural advice, the book will appeal to the complete novice planning a new fruit garden as well as the more experienced gardener who is looking to save time and increase productivity.
Clare Matthews runs a successful garden design business and her own garden has both been filmed by BBC Gardener's World and featured in many leading gardening publications. She is the author of The Low Maintenance Vegetable Garden, Houseplants, Outdoor Design: Decking and Outdoor Design: Paving, also published by New Holland.

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