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The Easy Fruit Garden

Clare Matthews

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1st January 2015
224 pages -
With clear practical instructions and inspirational pictures, Clare Matthews demystifies the growing of fruit and shows that with the right approach, it can be done successfully at weekends or slotted into a busy week.The book is packed with practical advice and shortcuts, from planning what to grow and companion planting to dealing with pests and diseases and no-dig gardening. Soft fruit, tree fruit, nuts and other fruit are all covered. The author explains simple short cuts, suggests unusual low maintenance strategies, and promotes a relaxed, robust attitude to growing-your-own that really works.The beautiful photographs are by the acclaimed garden photographer Clive Nichols in Clare Matthews' own weekend fruit garden, where the principles promoted in this book have been tried, tested and proven. Filled with sound horticultural advice, the book is essential reading for time-poor gardeners who want to achieve maximum yields from their fruit gardens with minimum effort.
Clare Matthews runs a successful garden design business. Her own garden has both been filmed by BBC Gardener's World and featured in many leading gardening publications. She is the author of several books.

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