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The Complete Handbook of Home Electrics

Julian Bridgewater

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25th April 2009
176 pages - 210 x 148 xmm
"Home Electrics" is a highly informative and user-friendly book, which provides clear and concise advice on everything the homeowner needs to know about household electrics. Working through the basics of common household electrical structures, the reader is reminded of the importance of thorough planning and safety, given no-nonsense advice on installing, maintaining and replacing internal and external electrical systems, and offered practical guidance on dealing with professionals for the more specialized tasks. Covering everything from changing a plug to fitting wall lights to wiring up an extractor fan, the book finally works through a range of potential emergency situations and the particulars of dealing with them. This book will be an indispensable guide, both for those people who aim to do some of the work themselves, as well as those employing professionals in and around their home.
Julian Bridgewater is a qualified systems engineer. As a consultant, he travels widely throughout UK and Europe and, a respected authority in the field, he sits on various European boards and committees. He now lives in East Anglia with his wife and two children.

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