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The Bonsai Handbook

David Prescott

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25th March 2011
160 pages - 280 x 215 x 12mm
The exquisite art of bonsai is beautifully demonstrated in this authoritative, practical handbook, which takes the reader from a first foray into the world of miniature trees to a level of considerable expertise. The book, now made available again in paperback, covers both indoor and outdoor varieties and is full of practical information about cultivation, propagation and pruning. It is a guide both for newcomers to the art and for bonsai gardeners with some knowledge of the subject. The handbook describes, with clear text and step-by-step artworks and finely detailed photographs, the anatomy and the art of this classic hobby. It describes the rules - and also how they can be broken. It will enable beginners to start up their own bonsai collection, whether of home-grown or bought trees, and to keep their bonsai healthy and in good shape. It will answer questions for those who already have some experience with bonsai. All the tools and the skills needed are described, and a photographic compendium displays the top 24 species, both outdoor and indoor.
David Prescott created his first bonsai from seed, a Scots pine, at the age of eight. He is now an award-winning bonsai practitioner and a much-admired and enthusiastic teacher of the art. Consultant Colin Lewis is a highly-experienced teacher, judge, author and winner of many international awards for bonsai and for the photography of bonsai.

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