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Specialist Series

The Bamboo, Grass and Palm Specialist

David Squire, Alan Bridgewater, Gill Bridgewater

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1st February 2007
80 pages - 238 x 183 xmm
Specialist Series
Today's gardener has literally hundreds of bamboos, grasses and palms from which to choose. These versatile, easy-to-maintain plants incapsulate a huge range of textures, forms, sizes, colours and flowering times - meaning there is something suitable for every garden in every climate. "The Bamboo, Grass & Palm Specialist" goes back to basics, first describing what bamboos, grasses and palms are and detailing their many uses. It then moves on to cover buying tips, planting information, cultivation, propagation and displays - whether readers want to create a Japanese-style bamboo garden or make a simple focal point out of ornamental grasses in a terracotta pot. Invaluable A-Z lists of the most useful and easily grown plants are also included. Packed with invaluable information and presented in a clear, accessible format, "The Bamboo, Grass & Palm Specialist" is an essential handbook for anyone keen to make bamboos, grasses and palms a feature of their garden.
Alan and Gill Bridgewater enjoy an international reputation as producers of gardening and DIY books on a range of subjects, including ponds and patios, stone and brickwork, decks and decking, and garden design. They have written a wide range of highly successful books and contributed to several international magazines. They live in Battle, East Sussex.

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