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The Art of Perspective

Yves LeBlanc

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24th December 2010
144 pages -
Perspective is the art of understanding and reproducing the space surrounding us - an attempt to 'flatten' what is seen on a sheet of paper. It links graphic combinations to explain space just as language links words to explain thought. Perspective passes through an awareness of the space surrounding us. It puts at stake the artist's deductive ability to capture a place, a direction or the way a surface behaves. It's about establishing the interplay between spatial reasoning and visual disorder, sorting out information and providing a viewing point; conveying a 'graphic' space and 'spatial' graphics. This clear and richly illustrated book with more than 400 diagrams introduces artists, graphic designers and architects to the principles of perspective so that they can create their own illusion of reality.
Yves Leblanc has taught perspective at French universities since 1992. He is also a draughtsman and plastics technician.

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