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The Art of Chocolate Making: From the Owner of Auberge du Chocolat

Anne Scott

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5th September 2011
160 pages - 245 x 190 x 18mm
Learn how to: o Make and decorate moulded chocolates and truffles o Use a multitude of fillings and flavourings o Teach your children cooking techniques with chocolate o Create unique packaging, including edible boxes and platters With information on the history of chocolate as well as comprehensive instructions covering ingredients, equipment and techniques such as melting, tempering, making moulds and gift wrapping your chocolates, now you can dazzle your friends and family with delicious chocolate made with flair.
Anne Scott and her husband Ian run Auberge du Chocolat, a unique artisan family business with a passion for chocolate, ice cream and fudge. They sell award-winning chocolates online and through their shops in Buckinghamshire, and also run workshops, parties and corporate events.

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