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Tante Hertha's Viennese Kitchen

Monica Meehan, Maria Von Baich

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5th September 2011
224 pages - 255 x 210 xmm
This beautiful book, based on the original notebook and recipe journal of a 1900s "Viennese Baroness", takes readers on a journey through fin de siecle Viennese high society. With over 100 original recipes, all of which have been tested and brought up to date for the modern cook, it is not only a beautiful collection of recipes but is also a fascinating look at the life of a turn-of-the-century family. Filled with anecdotes and personal stories to bring the recipes to life, this book will be a charming insight into a bygone era. The classic recipes will cover a range of dishes both savoury and sweet, with a strong emphasis on the desserts and pastries for which Vienna is famed. It includes chapters such as Starters, Soups, Meat Dishes, Side Dishes, Biscuits & Cookies, Sweet Pastries, Cakes & Gateaux, Tortes and Puddings. In addition there are beautiful photographs of Vienna throughout the book, capturing the architecture, cafe culture and beauty of this elegant city.
Monica Meehan is the great niece of 'Tante Hertha' and has co-written this book with her mother, Maria von Baich.

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