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Business Partners

Successful Negotiating

Ken Lawson

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1st March 2009
240 pages - 150 x 130 xmm
Business Partners
Building on the success of the first four books in the series, New Holland is publishing a further four new titles: "Successful Negotiating" shows the reader how to identify points for negotiation, understand win - win situations, communicate his or her wants and needs effectively and set and respond to agendas. "The Business Partners" series offers clear, practical advice for career-minded people who wish to increase their potential and effectiveness and want to reach the next step in their profession. Packed with prompts, checklists and concise help, these easily portable books are highly accessible and informative, offering on-the-spot advice to help you progress in your career. Colourful and well designed, they are indispensable desktop companions, offering guidance for every stage of a career - from attending your first interview to making decisions and mentoring others. Also in this series are "Success in Dealing with Difficult People", "Successful Communication", and "Successful Decision-Making". Earlier books in the series include: "Successful Interviews", "Successful Coaching and Mentoring", "Successful Time Management" and, "Successful Project Management".
Ken Lawson is a career counsellor, educator and organisational career management consultant. He is also an instructor in New York University's professional certification program in adult career planning and development.

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