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Step-by-Step Crafts: Pergamano Parchment Craft

Martha Ospina

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1st March 2003
96 pages - 280 x 215 xmm
Parchment craft is the art of cutting, perforating and embossing parchment paper to create delicate, lace-like designs for greetings cards and other stationery, table decorations, fans, boxes, lampshades, paperweights, gift-wrapping and much more. Pergamano[trademark] Parchment Craft includes full step-by-step instructions for an exciting range of projects that will appeal to all age ranges and capabilities. The 15 attractive projects use readily available materials and inexpensive tools and equipment and are photographed and described through all stages of making. Special gallery pages illustrate variations on the techniques explored in the projects and are described in detail. This wonderfully accessible book also has a comprehensive section on materials and techniques.
Colombian-born Martha Ospina is an experienced parchment craft designer. Already the author of several best-selling titles on the subject, she originally brought the craft to Europe and has co-founded the Pergamano company, the brand-leader in the field - indeed, its name is synonymous with the subject. She has developed and promoted parchment craft into a world-wide phenomenon through the company's international sales and training network. Martha is now based in The Netherlands.

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