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Stars: A Journey Through Stellar Birth, Life and Death

Raman Prinja

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26th September 2008
192 pages - 320 x 265 xmm
Presents an account of the life-stories of stars. This book offers a description of nurseries in space that give rise to new stars. It provides insights into the death of stars, covering colourful planetary nebulae and the incredible power of supernovae and hypernovae explosions.
Raman Prinja is a professor of astrophysics at University College London (UCL), where he conducts research on massive stars in our Galaxy. The recipient of several awards, he has received the Royal Academy of Belgium's Pol and Christiane Swings research prize and the faculty and departmental teaching awards at UCL. He is the author of Understanding the Universe, Visions of the Universe, Wonders of the Planets and other books on astronomy.

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