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Sleep Manual: Training Your Mind and Body to Achieve the Perfect Night's Sleep

Michael J. Sateia, Wilfred R Pigeon

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Mixed media product
25th June 2010
176 pages - 190 x 150 xmm
Fewer than half of us say they get a good night's sleep every night or almost every night and insomnia is often described as an epidemic, with millions of sufferers. And yet a simple answer to such a common problem seems hard to find, while many people resort to drugs and medicines. "The Sleep Manual" is a commonsense approach that does not claim to offer a miracle cure. What it does do is to take a straightforward approach to identifying exactly what sleep is, why so many of us find a good night's sleep so hard to come by, what the most common sleeping disorders are, and offers a comprehensive guide to sensible ways in which insomnia can be tackled. It includes advice and information from leading experts alongside interactive exercises and sleep logs to create a self-contained sleep workshop. A reassuring and accessible text is accompanied by soothing visuals that point the reader towards the essentials of seeking relaxation during the day in order to more easily discover a good night's sleep at night.
Michael Sateia is a past president of the American Insomnia Association and is director of four Sleep Disorder Centres. As a professor of psychiatry, he specializes in sleep disorders, parainsomnia and insomnia.

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