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Royal London

Jane Struthers

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1st March 2012
160 pages -
Celebrates the defining influence of British Kings and Queens on the cultural, social and architectural landscape of London over the last two millennia, featuring grand, world-famous sites of royal importance, such as Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London, alongside lesser-known areas or monuments.
Jane Struthers is a full-time writer who has always been fascinated by history and historical buildings. She is the author of many non-fiction books, including Britain from the Air, Royal Britain from the Air and Britain's Coastlines from the Air (all published by Ebury Press). She is also author of the New Holland title Royal Palaces of Britain. Jane lives in Kent. Ricky Leaver is a London-based photographer who runs the London Stills picture library: the only online picture library dedicated to the city of London.

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