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Royal Britain

Jane Struthers

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5th July 2011
192 pages -
The stunning historic palaces, castles and houses of the British monarchy have captured the interest and imaginations of the millions who flock to visit them each year. The magnificent and occasionally eccentric architecture, often-sumptuous gardens and lavish interiors of these buildings have made them extremely popular tourist destinations. "Royal Britain: Historic Palaces, Castles and Houses" takes the reader on a tour of more than 30 key historic locations in England, Scotland and Wales - among them some of the most recognised royal buildings, such as Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Hampton Court, the most infamous, such as the notorious Tower of London, prison to many a royal monarch in the past, and also locations that are slightly more off the beaten track, such as Harlech Castle in North Wales.Each entry includes: key information about the historic building under discussion; an engaging essay putting the location in political, social and cultural context; boxes highlighting features of special interest to visitors; vital contact information, including useful websites and travel links; and, beautiful photographs of the exteriors and interiors of these key royal buildings.
JANE STRUTHERS is the author of many non-fiction books, including Britain from the Air, Royal Britain from the Air and Britain's Coastlines from the Air.

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