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Philippe Barbour

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31st May 2007
416 pages - 210 x 140 xmm
This work guides you from the spectacular mountain scenery of the Alps to the tranquil beauty of the Rhone Valley. It explores the towns of Grenoble, Lyon and Montelimar; discusses the history, art and architecture of the region; reveals the best places to ski and snowboard; and picks out the most charming chalets in which to stay, the best places to indulge in some gourmet cuisine and the most relaxing spas in which to unwind.
(1) Photo essay; (2) Introduction; (3) History; (4) Art and Architecture; (5) Topics; (6) Travel; (7) Practical A-Z; (8) Lyon; (9) From Saone to Loire; (10) Straight down the Rhone; (11) West of the Rhone; (12) East of the Rhone; (13) From Saone to Upper Rhone; (14) The Alps of Savoy and the Dauphine in Summer; (15) The Alps of Savoy and the Dauphine in Winter; (16) Reference; (17) Colour Touring Atlas.
Philippe Barbour Domicile London/Brittany Philippe Barbour is half-Breton and half-British, and has written extensively about France, including some of Cadogan's most successful France titles.

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