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Radhika's Story

Sharon Hendry

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1st August 2015
224 pages - 224 x 148 x 14mm
Radhika's Story: Surviving Human Trafficking is a moving, first-hand account by a survivor of human trafficking. A chilling portrayal of the illegal and sordid underworld of trafficking in human organs, this title presents an incredible story of triumph over evil in the modern world.A seemingly innocent sip of Coca-Cola, drunk by a desperately thirsty 16-year-old girl, leads to the first of Radhika Phuyal's human trafficking experiences. The birth of her first son, Rohan, signifies the next horrific episode in Radhika's life - she is trafficked again. Living in India, separated from her son and forced to have sex with more than 20 men a day, Radhika refuses to accept her lot. Desperate to be reunited with her child, she finds the strength to escape her horrific life and rescue her son, changing their lives forever.Journalist Sharon Hendry tells Radhika's horrifying yet inspiring story. She highlights the pervasive nature of human trafficking in the 21st century, while demonstrating what a mother's love for a child can achieve when the odds are stacked dangerously against them both.

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