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Pergamano Parchment Craft: Over 15 Original Projects Plus Dozens of New Design Ideas

Martha Ospina

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25th February 2011
80 pages - 280 x 215 x 10mm
Parchment craft involves using parchment paper; a strong and flexible translucent paper. The techniques used include tracing from a design, embossing (raising) the pattern, perforating, cutting, painting and creative art stamping. This book features over 15 beautiful designs including greetings and celebration cards, decorated envelopes, splendid wall decorations, colourful bookmarks, lampshades and cut-out cards. Clear, step-by-step instructions and patterns accompany every project plus all the basic techniques and equipment are explained in full at the beginning of the book. The projects are perfect for both newcomers to the hobby and those already addicted to this compelling craft. To help beginners, the book is divided into different projects, each one teaching a new technique enabling the reader to build up a repertoire of skills. For the more experienced, this book is a source of new patterns and ideas. A comprehensive list of suppliers and stockists of materials is included to help with sourcing equipment.
15 original projects including flower posies, lampshades, greetings cards and gift boxesClear step-by-step instructions and patterns for every projectPerfect for both newcomers to the hobby and those already addicted to this compelling craft
Colombian-born Martha Ospina is an experienced parchment craft designer. Already the author of several best-selling titles on the subject, she originally brought the craft to Europe and has co-founded the Pergamano company, the brand-leader in the field - indeed, its name is synonymous with the subject. She has developed and promoted parchment craft into a world-wide phenomenon through the company's international sales and training network. Martha is now based in The Netherlands.

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