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Pandemics: 50 of the World's Worst Plagues and Infectious Diseases

Peter Moore

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25th September 2009
144 pages - 190 x 133 xmm
From Ebola to Swine Flu and SARS to Rocky Mountain spotted fever, this handbook covers 50 of the world's most significant plagues, pandemics and infectious diseases. "Pandemics" is a concise and intelligent look at the most deadly viral and bacterial diseases and includes expert opinion on likely future outbreaks, the method of contagion and photos and diagrams to help identify symptoms. Most importantly, it answers the question: how anxious should you be?
Dr Peter Moore is the author of many books on medicine and science, among them the award winning Superbugs/Killer Germs, now in its third edition. Recipient of the Medical Journalists' Association Award for excellence in medical journalism, Dr Moore is also an Honorary Fellow and visiting lecturer in ethics at Trinity College Bristol, a member of the Physiological Society and was the chairman of the Medical Journalists' Association. He is also a member of the NHS Health Technology Assessment Programme - Expert Advisory Network, and holds an Honorary Fellowship in the Department of Physiology, University College London. He has written and spoken for BioMedNet, Journal of Biology, The Scientist, The Lancet, Nature, New Scientist, the Institute of Physics, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and University College London.

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