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Non PC World: The Internet's Best Funnies

Ben Fry, Alec Jupp

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25th August 2010
96 pages - 193 x 149 xmm
The internet is a rich and huge source of humour - home to some of the most hilarious jokes, photos and stories from around the world. But the fact that anyone and everyone can contribute means it's also full of a lot of dross Luckily, this book has done all the work finding the gems and collects the very best of internet funnies together in one place. Always funny, often shocking, "Non PC World" is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys forwarding silly pics (the beach wedding spoilt somewhat by the fat naked bloke in the background, the brilliantly named mobile kebab shop Jason Donervan) and daft stories (the greatest ever break-up letter, the ad placed in the classifieds looking for an assistant time traveller). And of course, no collection of internet humour would be complete without classic 'Chinglish' public notices and wrong answers from game shows (Q: 'what was Ghandi's first name?' A: 'Goosey?').
Alec Jupp and Ben Fry have spent much of their time avoiding their dayjobs and instead trawling the internet and forwarding funny emails to their friends. Five years ago they set out to find the very best of the net and this book is the culmination of their 'research'.

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