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Men and Sheds

Gordon Thorburn

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1st October 2002
96 pages - 177 x 148 x 13mm
It has been said that a shed is to a man what a handbag is to a woman - both contain all the essentials for surviving in the modern world and in the same way that no decent man would ever consider looking in a woman's handbag uninvited, so no reasonable woman would dream of setting foot in a man's shed. This book is a study of over 40 men and their sheds around the UK, a quirky look at the personalities and the passions hidden within the shed, whether it is used for eccentric inventions, as a chapel, a housing for a milk bottle collection, an allotment shed, a home for exotic reptiles or a place to make music. The fascinating story of each bloke and his shed is accompanied by photographs of the inner sanctum and of the customized exteriors.
From deadly earnest to seriously eccentric, these are some of the characters featured: Jim Gilbody, wood carver; Richard Coggins, shed restorer; The Gardeners' Arms, shed pub; Mike Dobson, potter; Alan Jefferis, astronomer; Brian Foote, inventor; Gordon Smeeton, model aeroplane enthusiast; Ken Forester, milk bottle collector; Trevor Bayliss, inventor; Patrick Worrad, tin can model maker; Martin Copley, sculptor; Rev. John Goddard, shed chapel; Chris Heaven, railway shed and playhouse; Josef Yousif, chandelier restorer; Stephen Mera, ufologist; Ralph Matthews, mould maker; Rob Harris, shed engineer; Mick Osenton, vehicle collector; Luke Gottelier, shed-dweller; Guy Taplin, decoy duck carver; John Wingate, shed shop; Phil Gardner, shed music studio; Lyndon Yorke, eccentric inventor; Tom Brown, eco-friendly shed; John Philips, fisherman's shrine; John Jones, 50s style interior; Geraint Philips, shed terrace; Andy Webb, exotic pets; David Alligan, shed cinema; John Cooper, vehicle restorer; Terry Edwards, shed enthusiast; Ron Fuller, automated toy maker; Gerrard Lalor, allotmenteer; Eric Fleming, man for any job; Richard Sewell, maker of eccentric artefacts; "Hicky" Hickling, car lover; Angus Glasgow, brick collector; Dave Penfold, scale-model gypsy caravan maker
Gordon Thorburn started his writing career as an advertising copywriter before becoming a freelance journalist in corporate communications and eventually a full-time author of a variety of books ranging from romantic fiction through an account of the RAF to a hilarious look at village cricket. He lives in Buxton, Derbyshire.

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