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Meena Pathak's: Tastes of India

Meena Pathak

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5th November 2013
224 pages - 265 x 210 x 25mm
Meena Pathak's Tastes of India brings together over 170 of Meena Pathak's delicious Indian recipes. It contains simple, quick and healthy recipes for busy cooks, as well as more complex dishes for those seeking a new challenge. As well as offering advice on basic Indian ingredients and cooking techniques, the book includes practical tips for everything from recipe variations to storage of spices.Written in a very personal style, Meena Pathak's Tastes of India takes the reader back through Meena's memories and anecdotes of both India and the UK, as well as charting the emergence of Patak's as a brand leader in Indian foods. The recipes featured form a comprehensive collection that covers everything from light snacks and everyday meals for the whole family, to more elaborate concoctions for special occasions.
Meena Pathak OBE was born in Mumbai, India. She trained in food technology and as a chef with the prestigious Taj hotel group. In the late 1970s, she married Kirit Pathak and they began to grow the family's spices and pickles company in England. Today, Patak's (they dropped the "h") is the UK brand leader in Indian foods, exporting to over 40 countries. A tireless ambassador for Indian cooking, Meena travels the world demonstrating authentic recipes as well as spending time in India researching new ingredients. Meena Pathak Celebrates Indian Cooking, a tribute to 50 years of Patak's, is also published by New Holland. Meena lives in Bolton, Lancashire.

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