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Marathons of the World

Hugh Jones, Alexander James

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5th October 2012
160 pages - 245 x 190 xmm
This is a guide to 50 of the best marathons in the world to race in complete with stunning photography and practical details on when and how to enter, when it takes place, and training tips. Each marathon is rated for difficulty, includes expert analysis of the course and all of the necessary considerations for taking part. Marathons detailed include: Auckland, Sydney, Australian Outback, Tokyo, Beijing, Great Wall of China, Omsk, Mumbai, Kilimanjaro, Kenya, Luxor, St Petersburg, Istanbul, Tallinn, Athens, Midnight Sun (Norway), Budapest, Cape Town, Stockholm, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Copenhagen, Venice, Rome, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Jungfrau, Amsterdam, Madrid, Paris, Barcelona, London, Loch Ness, Sahara, Reykjavic, Rio de Janeiro, Barbados, Boston, New York, Washington, Reggae (Jamaica), Toronto, Niagara Falls, Havana, Chicago, Mazatlan, Big Sur, North Pole, and, Antartic.
Former London Marathon winner Hugh Jones is an athletics journalist, editor of Distance Running magazine, international course measurer and Secretary of the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races. As well as being the first British man to win the London Marathon in 1982, he has won first place in Oslo, Stockholm (twice) and Reykjavik. Alexander James is among the UK's key health, travel and lifestyle journalists, with ten years of experience working on the UK's top titles including Men's Health, The Times, The Guardian, Esquire and Cosmopolitan.
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