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Love... Quilting

Marion Patterson, Sue Warren, Sally Ablett

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1st September 2015
128 pages -
The projects range from bed quilts and throws to wall hangings and table runners. Quilters prefer to buy fabric in 'fat quarters' or 'jelly roll strips' or they have a stash of leftovers, and with this in mind the quilts have been designed to work with these small units of fabric.The projects are designed for quilters of all skill levels and all techniques are clearly explained. Basic how-tos are included at the front of the book and all projects are described through easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams. Bold, bright and beautiful, the quilts have a distinctive Boho-inspired and Scandinavian flair that would suit any contemporary home.
Marion Patterson runs an online quilting shop and also organises a quilting workshop programme. Sally Ablett designs for a quilt fabric manufacturer and gives workshops around the UK. Sue Warren co-owns a quilting shop in Newport, Wales, as well as organising workshop programmes.

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