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London's Churches and Cathedrals: A Guide to London's Most Historic Churches and Cathedrals

Stephen Humphrey, Andrew Lloyd Webber, James Morris

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25th January 2011
160 pages - 210 x 170 xmm
This visually stunning book covers many of the best-known and most historic churches and cathedrals within the Greater London area. With 47 churches and cathedrals featured, spanning all of London's principal boroughs, this is the most comprehensive guide available. At-a-glance information panels highlight the key features of each church for visitors. The fascinating and authoritative text is lavishly illustrated throughout with full-colour photographs of both the exteriors and interiors of each building, highlighting particular features of architectural and historical significance. Together they celebrate a glorious cultural heritage. With over 200 stunning full-colour photographs, useful facts for each church, and a foreword by Andrew Lloyd Webber, this is the ultimate reference book to a perennially interesting subject. This title is suitable for: residents of London with an interest in history, architecture and religion; and visitors to London looking for an in-depth guide to some of the capital's most historic buildings.
Writer and Londoner Stephen Humphrey read history at Cambridge and archives at University College London, and has since studied, written and lectured on churches extensively. A former honorary Secretary of the Ecclesiological Society, he runs his own church tour group and edits the international Bulletin of Ecclesiology. Photographer James Morris specialises in architectural form and cultural landscapes, and has exhibited widely in both Europe and the US. He has received awards from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts and the Design and Art Directors' Guild.

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