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London Shite: Quality-free Journalism

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1st September 2009
96 pages - 265 x 196 xmm
'London Shite: Quality-Free Journalism' is the perfect book for anyone depressed by the stupidity of the British media. Armed with a satirical rifle and a humorous crossbow, the London Shite team maim and kill the twin beasts of broadsheet nonsense and tabloid toss with merciless precision. Irreverent and topical, London Shite is a witty parody of the media world, with a particular appetite for free newspapers, lifestyle supplements and meaningless advertising. Featured articles include: Simon Schama's Top 3 Throw Ins; Google's new 'Population Clock' - which counts everything on the planet, including the number of births, deaths and people currently wearing a hat; an investigation into just what happened to Africa after we Made Poverty History; and Kim Jong-il's not-at-all-faked holiday snaps from a day out at Pyongyang's premier water park. Like every good newspaper, London Shite is also packed full of adverts from companies such as DoggingDirect.com, the dating website for those who don't want to sit around in freezing car parks waiting for their perfect partner(s) to show up, and the Natural History Museum's brand new exhibition - 'Dinosaurs Do The Funniest Things'.
"www.london-shite.com was launched in 2007. It has featured in the Guardian, been recommended by Dave, provided visual filler for an episode of 'Have I Got News For You' and even made it into Trevor McDonald's 'News at Ten' broadcast. Although the editorial staff prefer to maintain their anonymity, 'friends' of the publication include a fruity mix of media insiders, retired paparazzi and drug-addled former CBBC presenters

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