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Learn to Sew

Chris Jefferys

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16th June 2008
96 pages - 280 x 215 x 8mm
NEW IN PAPERBACKSewing is enjoying renewed popularity as more and more young people are realizing that with a few basic stitching techniques they can make a whole range of items for a fraction of the price that they cost to buy.Learn to Sew is part of a series that explains basic needlecraft skills and then puts those skills into practice. Essential techniques are explained with clear step-by-step photographs and instructions and these are then interspersed with attractive projects so that key skills are gradually built up and reinforced. Starting with simple seams, and then moving on to buttonholes, piping, simple pleats and adding zips, all the essential stitching techniques are covered so that the reader is able to create a whole range of items, from simple cushion covers to tabtop curtains to a child's apron.In addition there is a comprehensive section at the front of the book covering essential information about fabrics and sewing equipment. Throughout the book there are alteration techniques, showing you how to make simple changes such as shortening hems or moving buttons.Fully illustrated throughout and with clear instructions, Learn to Sew is the perfect guide for the beginner.
Chris Jefferys is a freelance writer and consultant who has contributed to a number of needlecraft and sewing magazines and partworks, including Essentials, Sew Stylish, Successful Sewing, The coats Book of Soft furnishing and the Hamlym Complete Sewing Course. She is the author of New Holland's forthcoming title, Soft Furnishings. She lives in Erith, Kent.

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