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"Sunday Times" Working & Living


Kate Carlisle

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27th September 2007
288 pages - 210 x 140 xmm
"Sunday Times" Working & Living
This work uncovers the best places for you to move to, from the Italian Riviera to Umbria; gives specialist advice on dealing with all the red tape, from gaining visas and work permits to buying a property and moving in; guides you through the settling in process, from education and healthcare to mobile phone services and banking; puts Italy into context with details on its political, economic and religious situation, and social behaviour; and, helps with the challenges of finding a job, both working for other people and setting up your own business.
(1) Introduction; (2) Getting to Know Italy; (3) Profiles of the Regions; (4) Italy Today; (5) First Steps; (6) Red Tape; (7) Living in Italy; (8) Working in Italy; (9) Reference.
Kate Carlisle, a native of Texas, has been in and out of Italy for twelve years, and based in Rome for eight of those. As a feature writer for various publications, such as "Italy Italy," she has written on the country's claims to fame such as fashion events and gastronomic wizards. She has contributed to several books including "Time Out Guide to Tuscany and Florence."
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