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How to Plant Your Allotment

Caroline Foley

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27th April 2007
144 pages - 242 x 166 xmm
Allotment gardening now has an established following, proving that there are still large numbers of people who want to grow their own organic fruit and vegetables. One of the most important aspects of gardening on an allotment is working out what to put where, and this needs to be considered right from the start. "How to Plant Your Allotment" is an essential reference guide for any budding allotmenteer and is packed with information on getting the best from your plot, including charts, plant lists, diagrams and planting plans. Chapter One covers the history and background of allotments and will help you choose a site. Chapter Two is about assessing the main considerations such as aspect, wind, slope, soil and weeds and gives useful guidance on improving your situation, from creating windbreaks to composting your soil and explains how to make an allotment plan, with useful checklists and tips to help you decide what is best for you. Chapter Three gives useful guidance on what plants grow best where, covering fruit, herbs, flowers and green manures, as well as vegetables. Chapter Four is about using clever tricks to maximize your space, from companion planting to intercropping.Chapter Five includes 16 full-colour allotment plans, including a plan for a family of four, a gourmet vegetable plot and an exotic vegetable plot. Finally, Chapter Six provides a glossary of gardening techniques, from sowing seed to protecting your crops. Packed full of information and with useful tips throughout, this book is essential reading for every allotment gardener.
Caroline Foley is a freelance gardening writer and author who contributes articles to many magazines. She is the editor of Topiarius, the journal of the European Boxwood and Topiary Society. She has taken practical gardening and garden design courses at the English Gardening School. She is the author of Practical Allotment Gardening, The Allotment Handbook and The A-Z of Allotment Vegetables, also published by New Holland. She lives in London.

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