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Houseplants: Plants to Add Style and Glamour to Your Home

Clare Matthews

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1st April 2012
144 pages - 245 x 190 xmm
This inspirational and practical book demonstrates how well-chosen houseplants breathe life into an interior, lifting the spirits, providing a burst of colour and texture and fill a room with scent and character. Informed and imaginative text by Clare Matthews and stunning photography by Clive Nichols demonstrate how tired or unwelcoming rooms can be instantly transformed with a few well-chosen houseplants. Choosing the right plant for difficult locations, using colour creatively and the importance of texture, shape and scale are all explained. The book reveals how to use budget plants and containers to great effect as well as how to get the best from investment plants. There are separate chapters on flowering and foliage plants, on containers and plant choices for difficult positions, as well as advice on feeding, watering and dealing with problems. It concludes with a plant profile directory that gives good, solid information on the care of the most commonly grown houseplants.
Clare Matthews runs a successful garden design business and her own gardens have been filmed by BBC Gardener's World and featured in many leading gardening publications. She is the author of The Low Maintenance Vegetable Garden, The Easy Fruit Garden, Outdoor Design: Decking and Outdoor Design: Paving, also published by New Holland.

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