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History's Worst Decisions: And the People Who Made Them

Stephen Weir

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25th July 2009
256 pages - 227 x 170 xmm
Mankind's past is strewn with mistakes - colossal blunders driven by virtue as often as vice. The unlucky people in this book didn't always set out to cause the mayhem they did, but somehow things just went wrong. Really wrong. This new color edition of "History's Worst Decisions" is an entertaining look at some truly monumental mishaps, from Adam and Eve's decision to eat the apple and Nero's burning down of his own city, to the destruction of the Himalayan rain forest and the billions of dollars wasted on the Y2K scare. A compendium of cock-ups, "History's Worst Decisions" provides a clear warning - it's all too easy to go down in history as an idiot!
Stephen Weir is a writer and publisher who has sponsored books that won the National Book Award and the Nobel Prize for Literature. He lives in New York City.

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