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Groom's Guide: Everything the Man Needs to Know for a Perfect Wedding

James Love

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25th May 2007
128 pages - 210 x 148 xmm
It isn't for nothing that your wedding day is known as the biggest day of your life. Whether it's a small, informal ceremony or a huge event with hundreds of guests, careful planning can ensure that everything goes smoothly and can leave you free to enjoy the day. The "Groom's Guide" is an essential resource for any husband-to-be. Split into two parts, the first section covers the groom's role and takes the reader through everything from choosing a ring and picking a best man, to avoiding stag night pitfalls and negotiating the minefield of 'who pays for what?' and gift lists. The second part covers the speech and contains a multitude of ideas on the structure and style, the essential components you shouldn't omit, examples of successful speeches and plenty of advice on how to plan and deliver a memorable address. With a handy countdown to the big day and plenty of hints on how to score brownie points with your future wife, her friends and both your families, the "Groom's Guide" has everything you need to be everyone's favourite son-in-law!
James Love is the founder of the Wedding Network, an online guide to planning your wedding.

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