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Great Motorcycle Journeys of the World

Colette Coleman

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5th August 2013
192 pages - 260 x 220 xmm
There's something about motorcycles, and the lure of freedom and the oepn road that they promise. If you've ever wanted to take a motorcycling holiday, you've been before and are looking for new ideas for places to go, or you just want to do something completely different, then this book will inspire you. With routes taking in the very best of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the Americas, there really is something for everyone. Accompanied by stunning photography, the journeys described here are perfect for everyone, whatever their level of expertise on the bike. Each route features a tool box telling you when to visit, other routes in the region to extend the ride, and exactly what options are available to you in terms of your motorcycle - whether you can take your own bike into the country, make arrangements to hire machines there, or book a bike-inclusive tour. A map also illustrates the route and the points of interest on the way. Featuring awe-inspiring journeys from the snowy passes of Patagonia to Australia's Red Centre, Great Motorcycling Journeys of the World is the perfect inspiration for your next big motorcycling adventure.
Colette Coleman has worked for several of the UK's leading action and adventure tour operators. From the summer of 1995 she and her husband spent two years motorcycling from England to Australia. They covered around 25,000 miles and rode through Europe, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Colette has also contributed to The Adventure Motorcycling Handbook (Trailblazer Publications).

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