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Getting Fit 12-week Guide: Swimming

Paul Cowcher, Daniel Ford

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5th March 2013
144 pages - 170 x 140 xmm
A step-by-step guide to help get an unfit person to a definable goal - a 400 metre swim in 12 weeks. It outlines how to get started, what's needed and how to make that first step. Helping the reader work towards the target goal in very gradual steps with a weekly programme, it includes basic tips on nutrition, motivation, stretching, and more.
Paul Cowcher is a personal trainer, fitness instructor and former professional dancer with 10 years experience and numerous fitness teaching qualifications to his name. Daniel Ford is a writer and editor of numerous sports books. He has raced in a 56km ultra-marathon and competed in the world's largest cycle race, which is held in South Africa.

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