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Find, Hire and Keep the Perfect Nanny: A Parent's Guide

Kay Cross

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30th January 2009
144 pages - 210 x 148 xmm
In this practical and comprehensive book, Kay Crosse, retired Principal of the prestigious Norland College, provides parents with all the help and information they need to choose the perfect nanny for their family.Packed full of information on finding, employing and keeping a great nanny, the book includes advice on: the selection process - what childcare qualifications to look for, matching values to your nanny, the role of an agency, how to get the most from interviews and more; employer responsibilities such as tax, sick pay and contractual obligations; managing an employee in the home, including setting boundaries, care routines, communication strategies and understanding the nanny's perspective; early years education and what to expect the nanny's role to be; and, recruiting special nannies for special children, such as newborn babies, those with disabilities or bereaved children."Find, Hire and Keep the Perfect Nanny" is essential reading for any parent considering help with their childcare.
Kay Crosse was a lecturer at the Norland College (the UK's most respected nanny training centre) for over 20 years and was its principal for six. She has also taught at primary school level and is a mother of three. Kay now works as a self-employed Early Years consultant for groups that include the National Day Nurseries Association; Parenting UK; Parents, Early Years and Learning (PEAL) and the Presty Corporation, Japan. She is the author of Introducing English as an Additional Language to Young Children (Sept 2007) and has contributed to numerous parenting magazines.

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