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Draw Manga

Sweatdrop Studio

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5th September 2006
96 pages - 280 x 215 xmm
Manga is the art craze that is sweeping the world. Japanese manga comics have spawned an entirely fresh approach to sequential artwork and have given new inspiration to artists. The influence of manga can now be seen in films, animation and comics the world over.Learn the basic drawing skills needed to create the distinctive features of manga characters.A series of tutorials cover all of the essential topics such as eyes, hair, clothing, accessories, lightingand colour.Step-by-step projects show you how to create characters of all ages - children, teenagers and adults.Written and illustrated by Sweatdrop Studios, a collaborative group who produce original comics and illustrations in the manga style.
Sweatdrop Studios are a group of 17 artists who produce manga comics. Since the company started three years ago they have produced over 50 titles, including several anthologies. They are also involved in manga demonstrations and competitions at art shows and exhibitions. The company is based in Cambridge.

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